Open Sky Artists provides arts management and consulting to individuals and organizations.

  • We provide strategy and guidance to create and market artistic endeavors
  • We build your brand with the help of our full-service graphic designers
  • We network and book programs for venues and individuals
  • We plan, promote and produce events to maximize the impact of your work

Open Sky Artists offers a tiered subscription model and charges no commissions!

  • We evaluate the services that will provide you the most benefit; you choose the payment model that works best!
  • We give clients the flexibility to change payment plans as needs change
  • We enable artists and venues to work together directly and facilitate agreements for mutual benefit, and expand options by not requiring exclusivity.
  • We provide peace of mind: we advocate for our partners and guarantee satisfaction or we make it right.

Contact Founder Lori Rosolowsky to learn how we can help you maintain long-term success.